Le jeune Karl Marx

(Title in Italian: Il Giovane Karl Marx)

Show times: 20:45

Original Language: Only on May 17th
MPAA Rating: NR

Please note that this is a film in English, French and German with subtitles in Italian

Synopsis: 26 year-old Karl Marx embarks with his wife, Jenny, on the road to exile. In 1844 Paris, he meets Friedrich Engels, an industrialist’s son, who investigated the sordid birth of the British working-class. Engels, the dandy, provides the last piece of the puzzle to the young Karl Marx’s new vision of the world. Together, between censorship and the police’s repression, riots and political upheavals, they will lead the labor movement during its development into a modern era.

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Transit Havana

Show times: 20:45

Original Language: Only on May 18th
MPAA Rating: NR

The last of five documentaries presented for the 1st Amnesty International Human Rights Film Festival at the Cinema Detour from March 23rd to May 18th. After each documentary, experts will discuss with the public on the delicate topics presented.

Please note that this is a film in Spanish with subtitles in Italian

Synopsis: Una vez al año dos cirujanos plásticos de Holanda y Bélgica vuelan a La Habana para operar a cinco personas transgénero cubanas. “¡Homofobia no, socialismo sí!”es el eslogan oficial del nuevo programa de Estado para cuidados transgénero, liderado por Mariela Castro, la hija del fallecido presidente. Durante más de un año, los cineastas Daniel Abma y Alex Bakker han acompañado a sus tres protagonistas: Odette, Juani y Malú para mostrarnos cómo se vive siendo trans en Cuba. Estos nuevos héroes de la revolución todavía tienen que enfrentarse a la intolerancia religiosa, la discriminación, el sexismo, la pobreza y, a menudo, la prostitución. Mientras, esperan a los cirujanos extranjeros, porque ellos les pueden dar lo que más ansían en esta vida. ¿Estarán sus nombres entre los cinco de la lista de operaciones de este año?

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The Space in Between: Marina Abramović and Brazil

Show time: 21:00

Original Language: Only on May 20th
MPAA Rating: NR

Please note that this is a film in English and Portuguese with subtitles in Italian

Synopsis: In search of personal healing and artistic inspiration, Marina Abramovic travels through Brazil experiencing sacred rituals and exploring limits between art, immateriality and consciousness. How far will she go to create her work of art?

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