Summer [Leto]

Show time: 20:30

Original Language: Only on Dec. 14th

Please note that this is a film in Russian and English with subtitles in Italian

MPAA Rating: NR

Synopsis: A love triangle emerges around a rock and roll musician, his protege, and his wife in 1980s Russia.

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Special event


Nov. 29th through Dec. 15th

Based at the Cinema Detour since 2010, ON THE ROAD FILM FESTIVAL is devoted to contemporary independent cinema – fiction, documentary and experimental – presenting travelogues, urban and waste-land wanderings, real or imaginary topographies, unexpected detours, psycho-geographical drifts, migration and nomadism.

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Show time: 20:30

Original Language: Only on Dec. 16th
MPAA Rating: NR

Synopsis: A 90-year-old atheist has outlived and out-smoked his contemporaries, and as he comes to terms with his own mortality, he searches for ever-elusive enlightenment.

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