Qi shi qi tian

(Title in Italian: 77 Giorni)

Show times:
– On June 14th: 16:00 – 21:30 – Premiere
– On June 15th, 16th and 17th: 16:00

Original Language: June 14th through June 17th
MPAA Rating: NR

Please note that this is a film in Chinese Mandarin with subtitles in Italian.

Synopsis: The true story of Yang Liusong determined to become the first man to cross the uninhabited region of Qiang Tang in the north of Tibet from east to west, alone on a bicycle without assistance. When various obstacles and mishaps lead to undermining his determination, he meets a tenacious and courageous woman, Lan Tian, ​​a former photographer forced into a wheelchair due to an accident during a photo shoot on Mount Kailash (Tibet). Inspired by Lan’s optimism, Yang recovers the courage and strength needed to continue his journey through snow-capped mountains, salt lakes and deserted plains of the vast Tibetan plateau.

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(Title in Italian: Ippocrate)

Show times: 16:30 – 18:30 – 22:30

Original Language: Only on June 18th
MPAA Rating: NR

Synopsis: Benjamin va devenir un grand médecin, il en est certain. Mais pour son premier stage d’interne dans le service de son père, rien ne se passe comme prévu. La pratique se révèle plus rude que la théorie. La responsabilité est écrasante, son père est aux abonnés absents et son co-interne, Abdel, est un médecin étranger plus expérimenté que lui. Benjamin va se confronter brutalement à ses limites, à ses peurs, celles de ses patients, des familles, des médecins, et du personnel. Son initiation commence.

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