This month, more cinemas in Rome have joined the list of cinemas that show movies in original language:
Cinema Giulio Cesare: located in the Vatican area, just a block away from the Ottaviano Metro A stop, it usually shows movies in original language on Tuesdays and Thursday;
Cinema Andromeda: located along Via Mattina Battistini, in the North-West area of the city, it offers movies in original language every Tuesday;
Cinema Eurcine Multisala: located in the EUR neighborhood, in the South-West area, it shows movies in original language every Monday and Tuesday.
– Three UCI Cinemas in the shopping malls Porta di Roma (Zona Bufalotta, on the North quadrant), Roma Est (Zona Lunghezza on the East quadrant) and Parco Leonardo (in Rome Fiumicino). They usually show films in original language on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

We are grateful to these new cinemas as they will give the international community and the growing Italian audience who love films in VO and live in different areas of the city and not only in the historic center an additional opportunity to appreciate how priceless is to enjoy actors speaking with their own voice and not being dubbed in Italian.

We take this opportunity to thank you also the Cinema Nuovo Olimpia, Cinema dei Piccoli and Cinema Nuovo Sacher that, together with the unforgotten Cinema Metropolitan, have started this many years ago when movies in original language were only for a small audience and to the Cinema Multisala Lux, Cinema Farnese, Cinema Odeon Multiscreen, Cinema Apollo 11, Cinema Multisala Barberini and The Space Cinema Moderno that later on have decided to dedicate some of their cinema screens to movies in their original language, allowing to engage more and more people.

A BIG BIG thank you from the Rome Review community…thousands of lovers of movies in VO!